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Special Section

Special Section

June, 06 2016

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Monday....June 06, 2016 soups are


Beef BBQ, Beans and Ham, Romanian Mulligatoni


Chicken Petrosani, Chicken Kali, Sweet and Sour Chicken


Clam Chowder, Seafood Jambalaya, Smoky Salmon


Lentil, Fire Roasted Tomato, Curry Polenta, Supa de Mushroom




and cold soups are


Tomato Bisque, Cream of Avocado, Chevice...


TUESDAY - Romanian Dishes

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Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions with which it has come into contact, but it also maintains its own character. It has been greatly influenced by Ottoman cuisine while it also includes influences from the cuisines of other neighbours, such as Germans, Serbians, and Hungarians.


THURSDAY - Hungarian Dishes

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Hungarian cuisine is the cuisine characteristic of the nation of Hungary and its primary ethnic group, the Magyars. Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, cheeses and honey. Recipes are based on centuries-old traditions of spicing and preparation methods.


WEDNESDAY - Greek Dishes

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Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine, sharing characteristics with the cuisines of Italy, the Balkans, Turkey, and the Levant. Contemporary Greek cookery makes wide use of olive oil, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats. Also important are olives, feta cheese,and yogurt.



About Bistro

We start in December 2010 with the goal to have 10 homemade soups everyday.

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